Gears of War: Ultimate Edition In The Works

Microsoft’s testosterone fueled Gears of War and Bethesda’s stealth adventure Dishonored both seem to be the next in line for reboots. This is according to listings for each game being spotted on the Brazilian ratings board (thanks to AGB).

Early reports suggested that we’d be seeing a remake of the first Gears of War, and it’s being assumed that the “Ultimate Edition” will be an Xbox One exclusive.

Splash Damage (developer of Brink and Dirty Bomb) is supposedly handling development, with Plastic Wax taking the helm of the cutscenes.

The “Definitive Edition” of Dishonored gives weight to the rumors that its in-development sequel won’t be ready to show at next month’s E3. This should keep the franchise in the spotlight while Arkane continue development on the sequel.

OPINION: I absolutely loved both of these games, but I’m not sure how I feel about more remakes being released. No matter how good they might be, I can’t shake the fact that I’m playing the same game that I’ve already played to death. Inxile recently announced a remastered version of Wasteland 2 that they’re giving away for free (to those who already own the orignal game). I’m not saying that all remastered games should be free to those who own original copies, I just don’t think the consumer should be charged full price for a slightly better looking version of an older game (that they probably already own).

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