Honest Bloodborne Trailer Tells Some Home Truths

The Smosh Games YouTube channel is becoming more and more recognized for their weekly segment entitled “Honest Trailers”, which make fun of gaming tropes in popular videogames.

We’ve covered a couple of them in the past, including their Pokemon trailer and their Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft one, both of which poke fun at what makes the games so appealing – or making unconventional comments of bewilderment as to why they’re so popular.

Well, the latest victim of voice-over actor Jon Bailey’s tirade of sarcasm is non-other than one of the most well-received games of the year so far, Bloodborne.

Amongst drawing attention to the ridiculous load times From Software’s action-RPG is laden with, Bailey also makes fun of the main protagonist for sharing traits with Link from Legend of Zelda, and highlights the similarities found between Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

“Suffer through another action-RPG that’s just as brutal as Dark Souls, because it basically is Dark Souls,” Bailey says. “But isn’t called Dark Souls to trick people who hate Dark Souls into trying out Dark Souls.”

Our own Brian Kale didn’t find Bloodborne’s resemblance to Dark Souls to much of an issue when he reviewed Miyazaki’s latest opus, awarding it an “essential” 10/10 score.

“If you’ve been waiting for a reason to justify your purchase of a PlayStation 4 but have been let down so far with the system’s exclusives, then Bloodborne is the game which could well redeem Sony’s latest console in your eyes,” he said in his Bloodborne review. “From Software has made its distinctive brand of gaming more accessible to new players without sacrificing the integrity of their design philosophy.”

But, there’s no denying that those load times can be a pain – so much so that From has confirmed its next patch is aimed at improving load times and overall performance for players, after some sites pointed out that gamers could find themselves waiting for close to a minute after dying before being able to get back into the fray.

Check out Smosh’s latest video below.

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