Bloodborne player manages to complete the game in 44 minutes

Bloodborne player completes the game in 44 minutes

Bloodborne has barely been out a week, but one player has already managed to complete the game in just 44 minutes.

Oginam_tv’s speedrun through From Software’s latest action-RP may make use of exploits, including one which allows players to skip around half the game – but it’s still impressive, especially when you consider that a standard playthrough will take many players upwards of 35 hours to complete on their first go.

“This was a pretty good run but I can certainly get faster,” Oginam_tv said of his record-setting runthrough.

Bloodborne is director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest game, following on from his work on PS3 exclusive Demons’ Souls and Dark Souls. With Dark Souls 2, Miyazaki took a back seat – acting as producer. Bloodborne is highly reminiscent of the director’s previous work, specifically in its punishing difficulty. Many fans have dubbed it a spiritual successor to the Souls games, though Bloodborne is a new IP. The game is published by Sony and is a PS4 exclusive, after the publisher approached him to create an exclusive for their latest console. Our review of Bloodborne will be published later this week.

In other Miyazaki-related news, Dark Souls 2: Scholars of the First Sin is getting a release this week on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The latest version of the game brings a number of graphical improvements over the original, as well as re-jigged enemy and item placement and new areas to explore. So if you’ve finished Bloodborne, you still have plenty more punishment to look forward to.

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