Windows Usernames Causing PC Installation Issues With GTA V

Windows Usernames Causing PC Installation Issues with GTA V

If your Windows username contains any characters outside of the alphabet or the numbers 1-9, then there’s a possibility you’ll run into problems when playing GTA V on your PC.

A number of PC gamers have reported that the game has a nasty bug which can prevent you from even installing the game if you use a special character in your usename. Rockstar has stated that they’re working on fixing the problem, but until they’ve sorted it you may have trouble connecting to the update service. They’ve also issued a notice on the game’s store page on Steam.

GTA V PC Bug Preventing Gamers From Installing And Playing The Game

You can either wait for the fix or create a new Windows Administrator User Account, making sure there are no special characters in it. Renaming an existing account doesn’t work, apparently – and at the moment, Rockstar doesn’t know if affected users will be able to keep their existing in-game progress once a fix has been issued.

In other news, new Graphics drivers by Nvidia and AMD have been made available for the game today. The new drivers are aimed at increasing performance in Rockstar’s title, which actually has relatively modest recommended system requirement. To play the game at 1080p and 60 frames per second, Rockstar recommends you have a Nvidia GTX 660 with 2GB of memory, or an AMD HD 7870. Processor requirements are equally modest – Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHz (4 CPUs) or an AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHz (8 CPUs). You might want to clear some room on your hard drive, however – GTA V occupies a sizeable 65gb of space.

Some lucky individuals have had no problem booting up GTA V and have released some gameplay footage on max settings, just to make the rest of us jealous. Check out the footage, courtesy of Youtube user taltigolt, below.


Dale reviewed Grand Theft Auto V upon its release on PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013, awarding it 9/10 and praising the game’s vast scope and detailed world. “Rockstar has succeeded in throwing down the gauntlet to competitors who seemed to be close to usurping the series’ crown as the benchmark for the genre, and proven themselves to be the undisputed kings of open-world gaming,” he wrote in his Grand Theft Auto V review.

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