Rockstar tackles server issues after GTA V’s Online Heists cause problems

Following the launch of the new Online Heists for Grand Theft Auto VRockstar’s servers experienced a huge influx of players – causing severe connectivity issues. Users reported an inability to connect online, with some Xbox players saying that they couldn’t download their content or even sign into their accounts.Sound familiar? It should do, because these are almost the exact same problems which dogged GTA Online back when the game was first launched in 2013.

Fortunately, despite the fact that Rockstar’s promise of a smooth rollout of Heists didn’t exactly come to fruition, a patch to fix the current problems is now available for players on both consoles. The update was rolled out over the course of Friday, and many users are now reporting that they are able to connect and play the game as normal.

“We are aware of some issues today with players having problems connecting to GTA Online, as well as issues with the Xbox Live service. We are working to restore full access to GTA Online as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please stay tuned to this page to monitor the performance of all platforms,” Rockstar stated on its support website during the initial connectivity issues.

The developer released another update the following day, stating that “full access has been restored to GTA Online and all services have resumed as normal,” but PS3 owners reported new bugs, like their game freezing when trying to use the in-game phone.

Rockstar released the security and stability update 1.22 (PS3/Xbox 360) and 1.08 (PS4/Xbox One) on Friday for PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, stating that it will be “coming to Xbox 360 as soon as possible.” The patch notes are detailed simply as “Fixes for GTA Online to imrpove stability, and other minor fixes for both GTA Online and Story Mode.”

Services have been mostly restored then, but there are still connectivity issues being reported by some players. With no clear indication on when the fix is coming to Xbox 360, players who are still experiencing the problems are just going to have to wait for more news from Rockstar.

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