Blizzard confirms DDoS attack and server problems following Warlords of Draenor launch.

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The much anticipated new World of Warcraft expansionWarlords of Draenor, experienced some serious server issues in both Europe and North America yesterday, prompting Blizzard to address the problems on their forums. European servers bogged down under the strain of so many users have led to server caps and long log-in queues, while the North American servers have been hit by a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.

Blizzard has had relatively few problems over the years with their Word of Warcraft expansion launches, but they underestimated the sheer volume of players that would be trying to access the new area from the same in-game location.

“We worked to add multiple new ways to access Draenor, and this helped ease some of the initial rush into the new expansion as players were able to access it from their capital cities, as well as from the shrines in Pandaria,” Blizzard wrote in one of their many forum updates yesterday.

In addition, many users reported latency issues and trouble logging in, to which Blizzard requested patience while they worked on these issues, and asked users to “wait a few minutes and try again.” The latest forum update noted that the servers will be brought down at 5am PST (1pm GMT) for approximately four hours to address issues with realm stability.

“We’re continuing to maintain a lowered realm population cap to help with the stability, which is resulting in increased queue times. We’re seeing some increase in individual zones drop which are causing localized player disconnections as we get into primetime in the Americas, and if someone is disconnected they will quite likely run into a queue to log back in. Work is progressing on improving realm stability through fixes targeting individual in-game issues, as well as on the backend game and network services.”

It seems like Blizzard has a fix on what to do and is tackling the problems head on, though some people tried to petition the White House to fix the server lag. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the petition has since been removed by the White House for being “in violation of our Terms of Participation.”

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