Bill Paxton Playing Jack Thompson in BBC’s GTA Drama


Aliens star Bill Paxton has been confirmed to be playing the role of Jack Thompson in the upcoming BBC drama Game Changer.

Retracing the history of Rockstar games, Game Changer is a 90-minute drama set on exploring the history of the company and the success of the Grand Theft Auto series. With fierce opposition from both parent organizations and political figures such as Hillary Clinton, Jack Thompson was the main poster boy for the crusade against violent video games, and was the self-styled nemesis of Grand Theft Auto.

Stopping at nothing to get the game banned, Thompson was most notable in his attempts to associate violent crimes with the Grand Theft Auto games, and was most notable around the time of the Hot Coffee scandal.

Co-founder of Rockstar games Sam Houser will be played by Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, while the drama is being directed by Misfits and Black Mirror director Owen Harris.

Whilst there is no scheduled broadcast date as yet, filming is said to have started earlier this week.

Having earned $1 billion dollars within the first three days of the game’s launch, GTA:V became the fastest-selling video game in history upon its release back in September of 2013. It’s success was further bolstered with a release on PS4 and Xbox One last year, while last week saw the game finally arriving on PC. The PC version adds support for 4k resolution, and a comprehensive video editor, allowing more creative players to make their own movies set in the world of Los Santos.

Dale reviewed GTA V for Continue Play when it first came out, praising Rockstar’s opus for its technical marvel and the amount of detail crammed into it. “Rockstar has succeeded in throwing down the gauntlet to competitors who seemed to be close to usurping the series’ crown as the benchmark for the genre,” he wrote in his Grand Theft Auto V review, “and proven themselves to be the undisputed kings of open-world gaming.”

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