Bossa’s I am Bread Leaving Early Access for full release

I Am Bread

After months of cringe-worthy bread puns during its Early Access period on Steam, I am Bread has reached full release. Starring a slice of bread, I Am Bread is a gripping tale of one slice of bread’s journey out into the unknown.

I Am Bread screenshot showing sex with a loaf.

Careful you don’t get a yeast infection.

Developer Bossa Studios, the same guys behind Surgeon Simulator, felt commemorations were in order for their full release. Their preferred method of celebration is a 25% discount on Steam, set to run until April 16th at $9.74, discounted from its original $12.99 price.

Bossa has also added in a few minor features. The first is a “Magic Marmalade” object in each stage of the game: which when destroyed, will halt the grip and edibility meters, creating a free-roam mode. In addition to the new item, there are three new locations to explore: including a car, a gas station, and a tutorial area.

The car location is the epilogue to I am Bread, and ultimately sees the heroic slice getting behind the wheel of the car. The epilogue will include a “hidden secret,” though I’m just as curious to find out what that could be as you are. This hidden enigma is likely story related, set to capstone the misadventures of the heroic bread.

As for the gas station, players can seek out becoming golden brown or burnt to a crisp with the in-store toaster, though it’s a task easier said than done though.

The game also comes with a new tutorial mode included by Bossa, which intends to make playing much more intuitive for newcomers to come to grips with the funky game mechanics. A welcome change in pace given Bossa’s track record with unique if unorthodox gameplay.

The charming and clever I am Bread official release trailer is below, in all its ridiculous hilarity.

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