Bossa’s Spy_Watch Out Now On Apple Watch

Spy_Watch launches today for Apple Watch

Bossa (who brought us such games as I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator) has released Spy_Watch, a game built from the ground-up for the new Apple Watch. The game transforms the new device into an espionage gadget which introduces a new type of gameplay, designed to fit seamlessly with Apple’s new device.

In Spy_Watch, you’re put in charge of a spy network that’s been left in chaos after all of the agents have been assassinated, with only one analyst left. Your job is to turn him into a regular James Bond through training and successful missions – with the ultimate goal being to recapture the agency’s former glory.

In terms of gameplay, you’ll be contacting your agents using real time messages that are fully integrated into Apple’s notification system. Once one of these notifications arrives it’ll be up to you to make the choice as to what your agent’s course of action should be. Would you rather go for the stealthy or the charming option?

To avoid bombarding you with constant notifications, Bossa has designed the game to be part of your everyday interactions with your Apple Watch. If you order your agent off to Paris you won’t hear from them again for a couple of hours until they arrive. If you miss a notification or choose not to respond then the agent will make their own decision – although it may not be the option you wanted. Spy_Watch also features procedurally generated missions that will give further opportunities to upgrade your agent’s abilities and unlock new story content.

This news story will self destruct in 5 seconds… well, maybe it won’t. You win!

Check out the trailer for Spy_Watch below, as well as some screenshots giving an idea of how the game looks in action.


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