Modder Creates His Own Frostbite Engine To Run Battlefield Mods

Modder creates his own Frostbite Engine to run Battlefield Mods

DICE’s Frostbite Engine has powered so many various AAA EA titles in the past few years and is the staple in EA’s games on the performance side of things – Battlefield, Dragon Age: Inquisition and the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront all use the engine.

Despite modders requesting mod support for various EA games for some time now, there’s no sign that EA will give them what they want anytime soon. So industrious gamer CaptianSpleXx set out on his own initiative to give people what they want.

Essentially, CaptianSpleXx has forged an engine with loadable data from any map running on the Frostbite Engine. In the map designer he can adjust the maps how he sees fit. This includes moving around structures, changing physics, textures. Also, the maps are compatible with Battlefield 4 with this home-made engine and can be played in Battlefield 4 as well.

Essentially, his engine fools Battlefield into receiving the customized maps. The game detects it as a standardized official patch. At this point our coder is at liberty, on private servers, to play the modded maps as much as he wants.

There’s still a long way to go, but even at this early stage his work is impressive. He’s asking for people interested in helping with the project to get in touch. You can do so, and see some videos explaining how his engine works, over on youtube. Here’s one video showing his version of DICE’s engine in action (complete with catchy music):

Tim Jarvis

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