Let’s Play… Battlefield: Hardline’s singleplayer campaign

Let's Play... Battlefield: Hardline's singleplayer campaign

So, I got to spend some time with Battlefield: Hardline this week (keep an eye out for my upcoming review), and discovered the secret that all crime based T.V. shows should invest in: add a Waffle Kid! It just elevates the action to 11, I swear.

Other than showing me some waffley goodness, Visceral Games let me explore my police-ninja side as I stealthed my way through heavily armed thugs who can be magically subdued with my shiny badge of ultimate power! Seriously, the bad guys must just instanly forget they have guns.

So yes, it’s fair to surmise that the singleplayer campaign in Battlefield: Hardline isn’t very good. Aside from an overpopulation of cutscenes, glitches caught on tape, and the occasional waffle-based joke, Battlefield: Hardline is rather dull when played solo. Thankfully, the multiplayer is a little more entertaining.

Fortunately, all that rubbish in the campaign makes for some hilarious gaming moments.  Check it out out below!

Kyle Barrows

Kyle Barrows

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