E3 2014: Battlefield Hardline Beta Announcement


Battlefield: Hardline was leaked a few days before today’s EA E3 press conference but that didn’t stop EA from surprising us with something nonetheless.

EA reveled that the closed beta for Battlefield: Hardline would be starting immediately following their press conference. It’s currently live now on PC and PS4.

Battlefield: Hardline takes the typical Battlefield formula and applies it to a cops and criminals setup. The campaign is themed as though it were a television show including cliff hanger endings to chapters. The multiplayer was also shown at EA`s press conference today and evoked the Battlefield feel, using the sound effects and HUD elements that are instantly recognizable to players of BF4, but still looks distinctively unique.

You can see for yourself by signing-up for the beta at Battlefield.com.

You can also read my take on the news that Visceral Games is the developer behind this new Battlefield game as opposed to DICE here.

Julian Meush

Julian Meush

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