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From Software has given us our first little sip from the Gothic chalice that is Dark Souls 3. And by little sip, I mean just a tiny minuscule little drop of wine-flavored liquid in the form of a 2 and half minute trailer that gives the first official glimpse of the sequel’s gameplay. Just take a moment and bask in it:

While it isn’t anything substantial, we do get a peek at some combat and enemies all of which drip with that classic Souls motif. Combat doesn’t appear to be vastly different from previous entries and looks to continue it’s tradition of brutality and difficulty. The enemies shown in the trailer again peek my interest beyond being a Cosplayer’s wet dream (like what is up with that guy with the branding iron?!). The world is the standard gorgeous veterans of the series will appreciate that also brings a grand level of immersion to the Souls games.

All in all, there’s not much meat to the trailer. It leaves you with that “Yep, it’s a Souls game. I will prepare my body” feeling we’ve had for 3 games now, but doesn’t really bring anything new to the table on first appearances.But with the series’ creator Miyazaki returning to helm the third game now that Bloodborne has been released, you can bet he has a few tricks up his sleeve to surprise veterans.

My take? If you crave more Dark Souls goodness then be excited and slightly aroused. If you wanted something new and fresh, then keep on walking. Dark Souls 3 is slated for an early 2016 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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