Robert Bowling joins Humble Bundle as its new Vice President

Robert Bowling joins Humble Bundle as new Vice President

Robert Bowling’s indie venture Robotoki may have closed in January, but he isn’t letting that slow him down.

The former Call of Duty community manager has just been announced to have been appointed to the role of Vice President of popular online bundle site, Humble Bundle.

In his new role, Bowling will focus on strategies intended to further the site’s focus on supporting charitable causes and indie game developers. “My role as vice president, creative director is focused on the future of Humble and how we’ll be expanding in the next one to five years. I have started a new vertical in the company and am currently building a creative team that will be focused on new products and projects,” Bowling said to US site GameInformer in a statement.

“One of the new focuses that I’m bringing to the company is to allow games to be created that would not have, or could not have existing without our help. So, if we did ‘dip our toes’ into original development, it would be in a capacity that helped us test and iterate on a feature or service that would be made available to all developers,” he continued. “At the moment however, our goals are focused on helping other developers with their original creations.”

Bowling became widely known due to his role as community manager for Activision’s immensely popular Call of Duty series – a position he held for six years. After leaving Activision, he founded his own development studio Robotoki, and announced that the studio’s first project was to be title Human Development. However, after two years and despite a change in design focus, Human Development failed to gain the backing it needed to survive. Bowling closed the studio in January, though he promised to continue development should the project attract interest from publishers in the future.

However, his latest role casts doubts as to whether Human Development will ever see the light of day. The game, which was to be an open-world shooter with sci-fi elements, and which had a distinct Mad Max vibe, was looking rather impressive following its re-reveal late last year. That said, there’s no doubting that Bowling’s position at Humble Bundle will be useful when it comes to the organization’s attempts to court developers and publishers.

Humble Bundle has been growing steadily over the last several years, and has so far raised hundreds of millions for charitable causes. As well as offering PC games, the site recently branched out into selling books, mobile games and added a permanent storefront. In the span of a few short years, it’s risen to become one of the more recognizable online marketplaces among gamers looking for a bargain, and its charitable focus – all purchases go towards helping out worthy causes – has seen it earn no small amount of respect among gamers and developers alike.

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