Humble Bundle reaches lifetime of $50 million donated to charity

Humble Bundle has released a YouTube video announcing that through the various bundles, they’ve managed to accumulate $50 million in lifetime donations to the various charities they work with, which includes gaming-centric groups like Child’s Play and Special Effects, as well as humanitarian like Charity: Water and Doctors Without Borders.

Co-founder of Humble Bundle, John Graham, said “We never imagined after the first Humble Indie Bundle that we might one day reach this milestone. It is hard to truly comprehend the magnitude of $50 million for charity. We owe our thanks to the generosity of the Humble Bundle community — to the content creators who entrust us with their works of art and to the consumers — for making this possible.”

To their credit, $50,000,000 is a very impressive number – just look at all those zeroes! Hopefully the money has done a lot of good for the world already, which wouldn’t have been possible without the people buying and spreading news about the bundles. Players interested can learn more about the Humble Bundles from their website, and view the video below.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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