Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis is out from today

Far Cry 4's Valley of the Yetis DLC is out today

Valley of the Yetis, the latest and final slice of DLC for Ubisoft Montreal’s Far Cry 4, is released today on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. PlayStation 3 & 4 owners will have to wait until tomorrow.

Taking place in an entirely new area in the Himalayan mountains, Valley of the Yeti sees player character Ajay Ghale stranded in the mountains after a helicopter crash. Of course, as the DLC’s name suggests, Ajay is not alone –  as well as the titular abominable snowmen to contend with, the Himalays are also home to bloodthirsty cult. Ajay (and Hurk, if you play the missions in co-op) are able to find shelter, which they can upgrade with defenses in order to protect themselves from the attackers who come at them in waves as soon as darkness falls.

A number of new story and side missions are available, which is just as well – when the new mini-campaign begins, you’ll be stripped of all the abilities, guns and upgrades that you’ve accumulated in the main campaign, meaning that you need to earn them all over again. Supposedly it’s a lot easier to gain XP this time around however, presumably because the playable area is just a fraction of the size and length of the main game.

Valley of the Yetis comes with the Season Pass for Far Cry 4. Alternatively, you can purchase it as a separate download for $14.99 /£11.99.

I reviewed Far Cry 4 shortly after its release late last year, scoring it 8/10. “While it has so many flaws, Far Cry 4 manages to be insanely moreish – and there’s simply so much of it that you could easily still be polishing off its endless list of tasks months down the line,” I said in our Far Cry 4 Review. “It doesn’t quite manage to make itself truly essential; but it comes damn close.”

Here’s a few screenshots and a spoilerific walkthrough trailer from Ubisoft. No, seriously, SPOILER ALERT. Don’t shoot the messenger!

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