Far Cry 4’s Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC now available

Far Cry 4: Escape from Durgesh Prison

Escape from Durgesh Prison is now available to download for Far Cry 4, Ubisoft has announced.

The DLC, which will set you back $9.99/ £6.99 (or free as part of the Far Cry 4 Season Pass) on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, introduces permadeath to Ubisoft’s open-world action game. Playing either solo with an AI companion, or in co-op with one player taking the role of Hurk, you’re tasked with escaping from the titular prison and undergoing a series of tasks for despotic villain Pagan Min before a final showdown against Yuma’s forces. Difficulty is ramped up for this DLC and death means being sent all the way back to the start, with leaderboards in place to show off players’ best times.

Escape from Durgesh Prison is just the first piece of DLC due for Far Cry 4. Other upcoming additions include the Syringe mission, the Hurk Deluxe Pack, Overrun and Valley of the Yetis. The last is a new mini-campaign showcashing the mythical beasts, and looks to be the highlight of the game’s post-release content offerings.

I reviewed Far Cry 4 last year, and rather enjoyed my time in the fictional Himalayan country of Kiryat. It’s not without its faults, and is very much an evolution of the mechanics seen in Far Cry 3 rather than an innovative new take on the series, but Ubisoft Montreal managed to serve up a satisfying and content-rich sequel with plenty to keep you occupied.

Far Cry 4 doesn’t quite manage to make itself truly essential; but it comes damn close,” I said in my Far Cry 4 Review, before giving the game a well-deserved 8/10 – just short of excellence, but a very respectable score nonetheless.

To go along with the DLC’s release, Ubsisoft has published a walkthrough video of the new content on Youtube, which you can watch below.

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