Prison Architect will launch in 2015, Introversion says

Prison Architect to be released later this year

Introversion, the small indie outfit behind games such as Defcon and Darwinia, has announced that their popular convict management game Prison Architect will see a final release sometime this year, after spending the last few years in a lengthy Early Access state.

In an email sent out today, the studio revealed that the game has so far sold 1,066,233 copies as of yesterday, and that they’ve made the decision to branch out. A mobile version of the game has been announced, and Introversion has decided to seek a retail partner and publisher so that the game can be purchased as a physical disc and not just a download.

Introversion has been remarkably open throughout the development process, taking on board feedback from players and regularly pushing out new builds of the game with additional features, scenarios and plenty of bug fixes. The latest build, Alpha 29, was recently released and you can watch a developer walkthrough of the update in the video below.

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