SteamVR headset, Vive, announced by Valve and partner HTC

HTC VR Headset

Valve has announced a partnership with mobile phone manufacturer and tech company HTC to release Vive, a virtual reality headset.

HTC has announced the Vive offers two 1200 x 1080 pixel screens, molded to fill the users entire field of vision, both of which will run at 90 frames per second. Paired with SteamVR base stations, the headset is designed to be able let the user move around a room, up to 15 feet by 15 feet. All of this in addition to the usual suite of gyrosensors, accelerometers, and positioning sensors fairly common to these sorts of headsets.

In addition to being Steam compatible through SteamVR, HTC seems to have further aspirations for the headset, including getting help from Google, HBO, Lionsgate, and National Palace Museum in Taiwan to create virtual reality environments.

With a release date of Holiday 2015, the Vive looks to be coming out before the Morpheus and Oculus Rift headsets in what is fast becoming a burgeoning market for VR – although only giving developers the development kit in Spring 2015 seems like it might make the system hard to really use in full in such a brief time.

Valve hasn’t said much on their own virtual reality plans, so we can likely expect more information about the gaming side of Vive during Valve’s showings at GDC.

Although there is little more information about specifications, more info can be found at HTC’s website, which is also where developers can request their developer’s kit.

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