Crytek and Basemark Join Forces to Create VR Benchmark

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Basemark and Crytek are partnering up to help create a definitive PC system test for virtual reality gaming.

The new VR benchmark will enable gamers and PC hardware companies to easily assess the level of experience they can expect when running virtual reality content, and will be the first service available that gives users recognizable, real-world metrics to describe their system’s VR readiness with various HMDs out there.

Developed using Crytek’s CRYENGINE technology, the benchmark will provide detailed feedback in areas such as the best graphical settings to use with a variety of VR headsets. Basemark’s expertise in measuring performance standards will be key as they formulate an objective test that evaluates everything from frame rate capabilities to memory consumption, latency issues, 3D audio performance and much more.

“Basemark is already helping to measure technology standards in other areas of gaming, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them as we work to establish a user-friendly yardstick for VR performance,” said Crytek’s Creative Director for CRYENGINE, Frank Vitz. “We believe CRYENGINE can become a go-to tool for developers looking to create compelling VR experiences, and this partnership means players can also count on CRYENGINE as they evaluate whether their PC is ready for the most advanced, cutting-edge VR content available.”

“We wanted to make a real-world VR gaming benchmark as opposed to a theoretical one and hence we’re very excited to announce this partnership with Crytek, the leading game engine company”, said Tero Sarkkinen, founder and CEO of Basemark. “By using CRYENGINE as the base and vetting the test workloads under our rigorous development process involving all the key technology players, we will forge the definitive benchmark for all PC VR gamers.”

VR is rapidly becoming big business. As well as Oculus’ upcoming Rift headset, Samsung got in on the act with its Gear VR headset, while OSVR is aiming to provide an open-source alternative. In the console space, Sony is developing its Morpheus headset, with a number of high-profile developers already confirmed to be working on experiences for the device.

With so many competing headsets on or coming to the marketplace, developers and consumers alike may find it difficult to easily gauge how well their games perform on all the different tech available. Crytek and Basemark’s efforts to provide a standard benchmarking tool are therefore welcome; though we won’t know how successful they are until the tool becomes available to the public.

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