Mizuguchi to make new Lumines game

After the release of Lumines 2 back in 2007, producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi took a few steps back from game production, though he was heavily involved in the development of the more recent Child of Eden in 2011.

Now, Mizuguchi and his studio Enhance Games will be working with Mobcast, a Japanese developer who has since acquired the rights to both Lumines and Meteos from Q Entertainment. Mobcast and Enhance Games are creating a new Lumines title for Android and iOS, though no speculation on release date is currently out there.

The new title will retain much of its usual Lumines gameplay that players are used to, a classic Tetris style descending block mechanic, but it will also include brand new stages and Mobcast Social Victory Space (SVS) multiplayer support.

Due to the mobile nature of the upcoming game, I’m curious to see if it might fall into the kind of “daily log-in” traps or microtransactions that plague many mobile games. Here’s hoping it isn’t so.

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