Mafia voice actor teases third installment

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Hold on to your hats Mafia fans – you might not have too much longer to wait for the third installment in the franchise.

Rick Pasqualone, voice of Mafia 2 protagonist Vito Scaletta, has implied in a recent tweet that there may be news about the Mafia series coming in the near future.

Runors of an upcoming third game in 2K’s crime saga have been circulating since March 2012, when an anonymous source said that the game had entered full production. In the same year, another report said that the games was in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as a potential launch title for both platforms; however, the game reportedly suffered from production issues after a loss of forty developers back in 2011.

2K’s luck then got worse after closing their main office in Czech Republic, sending some developers to a satellite studio in Brno and others to the developers main headquarters in Novato, California.

This latest news is somewhat surprising then, after the run of bad luck 2K has had. It’s also unclear exactly which studio is leading development of the game. Hangar 13, 2K’s newest studio – which opened in December 2014 – is working on a top-secret project that uses proprietary tech, although little else is known about the project.

The first Mafia game originally came out on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2 all the way back in 2004. While a bit clunky and rough around the edges, its well-told story of organized crime in depression-era America garnered enough fans to justify a sequel, which was released in 2010. Taking more than its share of influence from Coppola’s classic Godfather trilogy of films, the Mafia games chart the rise and fall of gangsters caught in inter-familial warring against a background of corrupt law enforcement. While the games are set in an open world, the city acts as little more than a backdrop to the story-driven missions.

Take-Two Interactive, 2K Games’ parent company, has said that they have an “extensive pipeline” of unannounced games in development. Could one of those be Mafia 3? It doesn’t sound like we’ll have to wait long to find out.

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