New Resident Evil Revelations 2 details and screens

Resident Evil Revelation 2 screenshot of Claire Redfield

Resident Evil Revelations 2’s first episode is gradually edging closer, and now Capcom has revealed some new screenshots from the game and information about what to expect from the game’s optional Raid mode in a new developer video. Raid Mode is returning after debuting in Resident Evil Revelations, and is essentially bite-sized chunks of gameplay which focus heavily on surviving hordes of enemies across various maps.

First up is the announcement that you won’t be able to play Raid Mode online until the final episode has been released (via the Capcom Unity blog). That’s not due until March 18th, some three weeks after the launch of the first installment. It’s not a massive delay, mind, and the inclusion of offline split-screen play will at least offer some comfort to those who still regularly get friends around for couch-based co-op. If you’re the antisocial type, the option to play solo will also be included.

Episode 1 will launch with 54 Raid Mode missions, with Episodes 2 and 3 adding a further 36 missions apiece. Episode 4 will round things off with an extra-large offering of 68 missions. New maps will be added as well with each new episode, repurposing the environments you’ll find yourself in throughout the game’s main story campaign as well as re-using some of the maps from the original Revelations game and the best-forgotten disappointment that was Resident Evil 6. You’ll be able to choose from a total of 15 characters, each with their unique skills and weapon loadouts, though it should be noted that Hunk will only be available to those who purchase all 4 episodes digitally, while Wesker will be exclusive to the disc-based version, due shortly after the release of the final episode (the disc version of the game will also feature Hunk). It’s been confirmed that Hunk and Wesker will both be available later as DLC unlocks for those who shell out for each episode as and when they arrive.

Each episode will set you back $5.99 / £4.99/ €5.99, while the digital season pass will cost you $24.99 / £19.99 / €24.99. The season pass includes all 4 episodes, two additional add-on episodes providing background on new characters Moira and Natalie, and Hunk as a playable character. The eventual physical release will include all of this, plus Wesker, 4 extra costumes, and a bonus “Throwback” Raid Map. This version of the game will retail for $39.99/ £34.99/ €39.99.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is the follow-up to the successful 3DS original, which later received the HD treatment on home console and PC. Reversing the action-based trend of Resident Evil 4-6, Revelations 2 features a return to the slower, tense gameplay that the series is known for – complete with a greater emphasis on puzzle solving. Switching between two characters – Claire Redfield and Moira Burton in one storyline, and Barry Burton and new character Natalia Korda in the other – you’ll need to take advantage of the unique abilities of each character in order to successfully make your way through the story and uncover just what has been going on in the abandoned detention facility which serves as the game’s primary setting. It’s looking rather promising, and it’s nice to see Capcom finally listening to fans and providing a return to the more thoughtful survival horror of the early series – even if AI partners and character switching make a return.

The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is due to launch on February 24th on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation in the US, with the EU store and PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions arriving a day later. Subsequent episodes will be released weekly. The physical version of the game currently doesn’t have a final release date; we’ll likely learn more closer to the release of Episode 4 in March.

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