PlayStation Network offers compensation for downtime

Did you get a shiny new PlayStation 4 for Christmas? Perhaps you were already an owner, and tried to connect to a game to escape from all the familial chaos.

If so, you probably experienced the widely-reported service outage which hit both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, leaving you feel rather annoyed and inconvenienced.

Orchestrated by Lizard Squad, both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were hit with DDoS attacks on Christmas day, leaving many eager console owners unable to make use of their consoles online services. While Microsoft claimed it had restored Xbox Live functionality the day after Christmas, Sony only got PSN back online on December 28 – leaving PlayStation owners in the dark for 3 days.

To try and make it up to users, PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive an extra 5 days of membership added to their account, and all PSN users will be given a limited time discount code for a digital purchase in the PSN Store this month.

Eric Lempel, the vice president at SOE, wrote the following in a PlayStation Blog post:

“Since access to PlayStation Network was impacted during the holidays, we wanted to show our appreciation for your patience by offering all PlayStation Plus members that had an active membership or free trial on December 25th a membership extension of five days.

“The extension will be automatically applied, so no action is necessary to receive the extension. If your membership or trial ends before the extension is available, you will receive five days of Plus to enjoy once the extension becomes available.

“In addition, sometime this month we will announce that for a limited time, we will be offering a ten percent discount code good for a one-time discount off a total cart purchase in the PlayStation Store as a thank you to all PSN members.”

PlayStation also recently announced their free PS Plus picks for January 2015 and they’re looking pretty good, check those out below:

Oliver Zimmerman

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