PlayStation Store now working fine, after being hit by DDoS attack

Playstation Store screenshot

Fans and players who struggled to connect to the Sony Playstation Store recently will be happy to know the network is back up. It was downed due to a DDoS attack that began at a little before midnight GMT on Monday. Around the same time, twitter user Lizard Squad tweeted about it going down, taking credit for the disruption.

During the outage, attempting to connect to the service threw up an error message. “Page Not Found! It’s not you. It’s the internet’s fault”, the message stated. The platform holder took to Twitter to keep gamers updated about the issue, with service largely resuming as normal for most gamers a few hours later.

Following the digital break-in of Sony Studios last week – thought to have originated in North Korea – this seems like a case of poor timing and worse luck for Sony. However, given that Lizard Squad’s mission is self-described as “Next generation Grinch”, it seems likely that their intention was to do little more than just disrupt the goings-on for a few hours, rather than anything more nefarious like prying into Sony’s hidden data. Lizard Squad did the same thing to Xbox Live earlier in the month, and Steam before that. They also claimed responsibility for recent attacks on Bungie’s Destiny. It seems pretty clear that Lizard Squad’s preferred targets are gaming and game-related networks, and they’ve previously said that the Xbox attack was merely a “small taste” of what gamers can expect over the Christmas period.

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