The Whispered World 2 coming to Xbox One.


Silence – The Whispered World 2 will launch simulataneously on Xbox One, PC and Mac in “early” 2015, Daedalic has announced.

The publisher revealed the plans in a press release issued this morning. “Silence has always been a multi-platform project”, said Daedalic’s Studio Manager Steffen Boos. “From early on, we planned to release Silence – The Whispered World 2 on consoles as well, but we wanted to make absolutely certain the controls were tuned to each platform before announcing its console status.” He continued: “We think the new generation of consoles offer a platform that is ideal for indie development, and with the new gameplay we’re introducing to the adventure genre with The Whispered World 2, adventure games now also can be a good fit to consoles.”

The Whispered World 2 is the sequel to the 2009 point-and-click game, originally released in Switzerland before being localized and released in North America, Russia and across Europe the following year. The game told the story of Sadwick, an unhappy young clown on a quest to save the world he is prophesied to destroy. The Whispered World did rather well, garnering lots of positive reviews and nominated for a number of awards. It’s mainly known for its beautiful artstyle, which were entirely hand-drawn and animated.

The sequel reintroduces Sadwick and a number of his friends from the first game, and pits them in a fight against a false Queen after returning to Silence and finding it embroiled in civil war. While the original’s artwork was all in 2D, the sequel makes the jump into the third dimension. You can see a batch of screenshots below – it’s lost none of its charm in the transition.

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