Nvidia Recalls Shield Tablets Over Fire Risk

Nvidia Shield Recall

Nvidia has issued an urgent statement to all customers who have purchased one of the company’s 8-inch Shield tablets, after the company found that the battery used in the device can “overheat and pose a fire hazard.”

Nvidia has voluntarily issued a recall for the 8-inch model, which the company says affects all devices sold between July 2014 and July 2015. No other products are affected, and Nvidia will replace all tablets affected, though you’ll need to back up your data before sending your device off. Nvidia will cover all costs associated with the recall, so you needn’t worry about postage fees.

Owners whose devices are affected by the recall have been asked to follow the instructions found on the Nvidia Support site. To find out if your tablet is affected by the recall, you need to first ensure that your tablet is updated to latest version of the software, then go into the Settings menu and check the type of battery that’s installed. If your battery is listed as B01, you’re fine. But if your Shield has a Y01 battery, then you need to send it back.

The Nvidia Shield is a line of tablets designed specifically for gamers. The device can stream games from desktop computers, allowing owners to play PC games without the need to be tethered to their desk. Nvidia launched the Shield line in July of last year to much fanfare, though so far it’s failed to ignite much interest from consumers. Nvidia hasn’t been particularly outspoken about how many of the devices have been sold.

It’s good to see Nvidia issuing recalls on hardware that could potentially catch fire before anything goes catastrophically wrong. However, the fact that it took a full year before the company discovered the problem and issued a recall is a little disconcerting. Given that technology is becoming increasingly powerful and increasingly smaller – and running hotter – it’s likely not the last time that we hear about a manufacturer issuing an urgent recall due to safety concerns.

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