New Elder Scrolls Game Won’t Be Announced For “A Very Long Time”

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I hope you’re not bored of Skyrim or Elder Scrolls Online yet – Pete Hines, Vice President of Marketing at Bethesda has said that it’s going to be “a very long time” before the studio starts talking about the next mainline game in the Elder Scrolls series.

Speaking to Dualshockers, Hine said that Bethesda is currently 100% focused on Fallout 4, which is due to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC this November. There’s still mod support to add – which, in something of a coup for Microsoft, will also be a feature in the Xbox One version of the game. And presumably Bethesda has plenty of plans for additional DLC content post-launch.

Hines said that Bethesda always focuses on a single game at a time, and that the studio’s size hasn’t changed in years, a figure that he puts at “a hundred and something”. Before you point out that Elder Scrolls Online came out while Fallout 4 was in development, that game was created by Zenimax Online, a studio created specifically to bring the Elder Scrolls universe to the MMO genre. The Elder Scrolls Online received something of a mixed reception upon its release on PC back in 2014, but it has a dedicated playerbase that was recently bolstered by the game’s release on PS4 and Xbox One back in June.

Still, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of mods for Skyrim to keep you busy in the meantime. Steam Workshop currently lists over 26,000 player-made mods for Skyrim, ranging from everything to lighting and graphics tweaks to entirely new story campaigns and a good few total conversions. One dedicated group of modders is even working on remaking the absolutely brilliant Morrowind using the Skyrim engine. It’s looking rather tasty, too.


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