Silence: The Whispered World 2 headed to PlayStation 4

Back in October, we revealed Daedalic’s plans to release their upcoming point-and-click game, Silence: The Whispered World 2 on PC and Xbox One.

Three months later, the developer/publisher has announced plans to bring the game to PlayStation 4 as well, in a press release issued this week.

“We now also have Sony’s approval and we’re looking forward to make Silence available to PlayStation 4 players”, says Steffen Boos, Daedalic Entertainment’s studio manager. “This makes Silence a fully fledged multi-platform project; for the first time, we can release a game for the high end current-gen consoles which is an important cornerstone for the company. We strongly believe that narrative-driven games like ours will be well received among console players.”

The Whispered World 2 sees players accompany returning protagonist Noah as he searches for his younger sister Renie in the midst of a great war. Despite all odds, he manages to follow her, tracking her down to the world of Silence – which he once traversed as Sadwick the Clown. There appears to be no way back, and Renie is seemingly lost in the war-ravaged Silence. It’s up to Noah to team up with a group of rebels led by a young girl named Kyra and defeat the Seekers, find Renie and return home.

Daedalic also released some new screenshots for the game, which really do showcase the beauty and detail that has been put into this world. If you’re eager to play Silence: The Whispered World 2, don’t worry. Daedalic have previously said that you can expect the games across all platforms – that’s Xbox One, PC, Mac and now PlayStation 4 – sometime in early 2015.

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