Darth Revan returns in new Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion

Bioware has announced the next digital expansion to Star Wars – The Old Republic, and fans of the developer’s classic RPG Knights of the Old Republic will have plenty to be pleased about.

Darth Revan is back! Leading his fanatical followers – the Revanites – against both the Republic and the Sith Empire, Revan has embarked on a quest to alter the face of the galaxy. Along with new characters such as Theron Shan, Lana Beniko, and Jakarro the Wookiee, players must unite regardless of faction to put an end to his plans.

The Shadow of Revan digital expansion comes with new storyline missions and increases the level cap to 60, up from the previous ceiling of 55. Additionally, it includes new multiplayer flashpoint missions and operations. There are two new planets – Rishi and Yavin 4 – and the new Discipline system. The Discipline system is a substantial overhaul of the game’s class system, replacing skill trees with 3 Disciplines for each advanced class. Each of the new Disciplines is named after and adopts the theme of the now-defunct skill trees, with the aim of simplifying the game and allowing players to craft a character that is more unique to their chosen playstyle, without having to stick to certain ability rotations in combat – a common problem in MMOs. The Discipline system is possibly the most ambitious overhaul the game has seen since it’s launch back in December 2011, and judging by the positive feedback the changes have received from the community, it looks like Bioware is on the right track.

Shadow of Revan will be released on December 9, 2014and is now available for pre-purchase on the game’s official website. Preorders before the first of December will receive an in-game statue of Revan – but only those who preorder before November 2nd will receive early access to the new expansion. Additionally, subscribers who preorder will receive a experience boost (x12), up to level 55 between the preorder purchase and December 1st – which sounds like a great chance to finally get all your alts to the level cap.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the expansion once it’s been released, finally giving us another chance to live out our Sith power fantasies.

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