GTA 5 Strip Club DLC Leaked

Grand Theft Auto has always had something of a ballsy reputation – especially when it comes to showing torture, murder, consumption of drugs and alcohol and explicit nudity – but it looks like Rockstar is planning on expanding their billion-dollar profit machine Grand Theft Auto 5 by adding in a couple of new strip clubs in the next update for the online version.

One fan has reportedly found some lines of code which shows the addition of two stripclubs, or at least the layout of their interior structure. You can see the discovery in the video below. Of course, these are still rumors but this isn’t the first time that nosy players have delved into a game’s coding to find out what secrets they have to hold – the infamous Hot Coffee incident springs to mind, which saw a sex minigame hidden inside the code of San Andreas.

One of the clubs reported to be found, Bahama Mamas, appears to be a classier venue for the gentry of Los Santos where you can go down, enjoy a single malt and have a lovely view at the same time Some players are even speculating that this could be a popular stopping point to discuss missions in future. The other appears to be very similar to the current club, Hornbills, both in layout and apparently in style.

You can see the content below – but until Rockstar confirms plans to include the clubs, take it with a pinch of salt.

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