New Payday 2 DLC Features Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito is back, in a very big way, in this eight-and-a-half minute video that introduces Esposito as The Dentist, a character that will be a new point of contact in the upcoming ‘The Big Bag Heist’ DLC for Payday 2. 

The video, a prologue for the DLC campaign, shows off Espostio channeling Breaking Bad’s menacing Gustavo Fring, and promises to introduces several new missions, a “pre-planning” feature and new mask options.

Additionally, the official website teases additional content to be presented at E3 2014, stating “visit us at E3 and be the first to break the big bank.”

As specified, DLC missions released later this year will see players tackling a bank, breaking into a gallery to steal a diamond and stealing money from a Las Vegas casino. Players will also go on a mission to free the original Hoxton, one of the crew from the first game, Payday: The Heist.You can check out the trailer below, and be sure to take a look at the upcoming Payday 2 DLC, which releases on June 17th.

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz

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