Major Updates for Titanfall To Drop This May

Titanfall, the critically and commercially acclaimed FPS from developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA is set to receive a large variety of new content, both free and paid DLC, over the course of this and next month.

During their panel during PAX East, the Respawn Entertainment team revealed that the shooter’s first DLC pack, Expedition, is set to release in May.

While pricing and precise release date were not revealed, it is currently known that the pack includes three maps, including a map called ‘Swampland’ which is pictured below. 

titanfall swamp

All that is known so far is that ‘Swampland’ is set in alien ruins and allow players to perform wall-runs on trees for the first time in the series. There is little information known at this time about the other two maps besides the names. The first of the two undisclosed maps is ‘Runoff,’ which will feature water and second map, ‘Wargames,’ is based on a training simulator.

Additionally, Respawn also announced that several new game modes are on the way, and will be free to all players. One of these new mode is a 2v2 version of Last Titan Standing, but it is unclear at this time precisely how many new game modes will be added to Titanfall. Other upcoming updates include new Burn Cards and hashtag matchmaking filters.

As requested by the Titanfall community, Respawn is also rumored to be implementing certain other features, including Titan insignia, player statistics and regular, time-limited mutations, which Respanw calls riffs. However, none of these features have been confirmed.

Titanfall is now available on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You can read our review here.


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