Julian Gollop Heads To Kickstarter With Chaos Reborn

Julian Gollop, the original creator of X-COM and most recently creative director of Assassins Creed III: Liberation, has taken to Kickstarter to relaunch his 1985 magic-based tactical arena game Chaos. Dubbed Chaos Reborn, Gollop believes that this is the one game that he has developed with “unrealized potential,” that would seriously benefit from a rebirth, and given that his Kickstarter campaign has already raised $100,000 of its lofty but attainable $180,000 goal, apparently so does the gaming community.

Chaos was originally released by Games Workshop in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum (remember that one, kids?) and would be seen by some today as a rather unusual and somewhat unmarketable game. An arena-based battle game, it pits players against each other in a fight to the death, all all characters are wizards that use magic.

For the last year, Gollop has been hard at work rebuilding and relaunching the 30-year old title. In development for Windows, Mac and Linux, Chaos Reborn will have a bunch of new features that were simply not possible to create on the ZX Spectrum. New features will include

However, the game, which is in development for Windows, Mac and Linux, will have a bunch of new features that simply were not possible with the hardware available in 1985. New features will include online multiplayer, both local and live; offline multiplayer battles on a single machine; tournaments; co-op options for either two-vs-two multiplayer or co-op vs AI; guilds; item trading; systems for leagues and rankings; and a single-player RPG campaign.

Additionally, Chaos Reborn includes procedurally generated areas to explore, as well as player-generated levels; a massive amount of gear to collect, with stat boosts and buffs; spell books to expand your repertoire; the ability to level up gear by entering “inner realms”; and co-op mode.

The scope of the title just seems utterly legendary, and if it catches your interest, a minimum pledge of $20 will net you a copy. Head over to the Kickstarter campaign to donate, and check out the video below to get a more comprehensive look at Chaos Reborn.

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Daniel Horowitz

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