Chaos Reborn successfully Kickstarted

Chaos Reborn has been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

The project ended its campaign with backing to the tune of $210,854 – comfortably above Gollop’s initial target of $180,000. While the funding wasn’t enough to secure mobile ports of the game, it will at least be localized into a number of languages such as French, German, Italian and Spanish.

A resurrection of Gollop’s previous title Chaos, Chaos Reborn pits two wizards against each other on a battlefield made of hexagons. War is waged by summoning various creatures to do your bidding and casting powerful spells. The original Chaos was released way back in 1985, for the classic ZX Spectrum computer.

The new game will come with full singleplayer and multiplayer support, including league rankings, a guild system, and the ability to trade items and equipment with friends. Levels are also procedurally generated, which should keep things fresh.

Chaos Reborn is currently penciled in for a release date of May 2015, though you can play a prototype of the multiplayer by heading over to the game’s website.

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