Chatroulette Users Find Themselves Battling Zombies

Chatroulette users playing a real life FPS

Chatroulette has just been used for something way cooler than just having creeps flashing their junk to unsuspecting victims.

Realm Studios, a UK-based independent film production company, recently released a video of unsuspecting but adaptable Chatroulette users participating in a real life, streaming, first person shooter horror game. The users would talk the hero character through various scenarios where he would have to fight or run away from a horde of zombies. Users controlled the character by giving commands like “grab that crowbar”, “run”, “shoot zombies”, and “check what’s inside that pot.” The scenarios were complete with sound affects, blood spatter effects, various types of guns to use, and a full cast playing as the undead enemies.

In addition to the main feature, a behind-the-scenes video has been released on Realm Studios’ channel. It revealed that the church and graveyard setting of the video is where the studio is based, which made the “perfect” setting for the whole scenario.

You can watch both videos below. I guarantee you’ll have a better time than most normal encounters on Chatroulette.

Hugh Thornhill

Hugh Thornhill

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