Skype Group Calls Now Free on Xbox One and PC


In a relatively surprising move, Microsoft has just announced that group calls are now free for PC, Mac and Xbox One users. Previously, a premium membership was required, with a fee of $4.99, but now up to 10 users can hop on a Skype group call and shoot the breeze with each other. Additionally, iPad support for the feature will be coming shortly.

At the very least, this will help the service compete with the likes of Oovoo and other video services that already had this feature as a free service. This is particularly relevant to gamers, who previously needed to find alternative means beyond Skype to have a group voice chat going while gaming, but now, this is not the case.

Microsoft seems to know what it’s doing here, and by opening up this feature to the free audience, is really broadening its base of users. For more information, check out the latest developments directly on the Skype website.

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz

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