New EVE Online Characters Might Get Pre-Learned Skills

CCP considers ways of making life easier for newcomers to its long-running MMO.

CCP has said that it is considering giving all new characters in EVE Online 2 million skill points to get started.

Player feedback on the New Player Experience has suggested that starting skills are one of the largest barriers to entry for people just getting started in the mammoth – and notoriously complex – space-based MMO, the company has said on the official forums. “You guys seem fairly agreed that the small amount of starting skills, combined with a high amount of ‘must have’ support and requirement skills, leads to some really icky barriers to participation for new players,” wrote CCP Rise. “We are inclined to agree and we are in the process of laying out a plan to address the problem.”

“Nothing is set in stone yet but it seems likely that we will try and move new players towards starting with significantly more SP. Maybe between 1 and 2 million,” he continued. “It also seems likely that we will probably avoid and major skill reworks or skill removals. As this plan solidifies you will hear more from us.”

CCP has a long history of attempting to make its MMO more accessible to new players. The New Player Experience launched earlier this year and was one of the most significant attempts yet to help ease newcomers into the game. The NXE added an overhauled user interface, improved tutorial missions and a smoother learning curve to the game, though player feedback was mixed on how successful it was.

The next update for EVE Online launches tomorrow. The Aegis update adds a new ship, new ship modules, and makes improvements to the game’s graphics and NPC AI, among many other tweaks and changes. More information on Aegis can be found here.

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