New Xbox One Exclusive “Recore”

New Xbox One Exclusive "Recore"

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One exclusive called Recore, created by Keiji Inafune and Armature Studios (developers of Comcept and Metroid Prime).

So far we’ve only been treated to a teaser trailer at E3 in which a young girl is exploring some sort of wasteland with her robot dog pal. They’re eventually attacked by weird looking robots with glowing red power cores (her dog has a blue one). She tries to fight them off using some sort of cool futuristic rifle, but they begin to overrun her. To prevent this, her dog then sacrifices itself to save her, leaving nothing but his glowing power core (cue tears). Thankfully she’s able to place his core in a new robot and the friends are reunited to battle a horrifyingly huge robot at the end of the trailer.

All of this leads to speculation that the game will involve some form of follower mechanic, possibly based around collecting and redistributing power cores into robot followers. I think we all want a collection of robot dogs. But who knows for sure? The whole thing looks pretty interesting though, and it’s definitely worth keeping your eye on this release.

We can definitely expect to hear more about Recore in the near future, and it’s already been given the release date of Spring 2016.

Take a gander at the trailer below.

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