Destiny: The Taken King Expansion Spotted

Destiny: The Taken King Expansion Spotted

Destiny’s unannounced expansion The Taken King has been spotted yet again, with several US packets of Red Bull energy drinks advertising promotional codes for the upcoming DLC.

With the first tease coming from Bungie, saying to expect “major content” coming this fall, it was later released from a NeoGAF user that ‘The Taken King’ has been filed
under trademark by Bungie. With the update expected to come out later in September, we can only assume that Bungie is scheduling a Game of the Year edition to coincide with the release of the expansion.

With E3 coming around in a few weeks, its very likely we’ll hear further details from there.

In other Destiny related news, the latest expansion House of Wolves was released late last month for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can view all the content from the new expansion in Tim’s article here. However, Bungie has made a few much requested changes to the expansion.

The most significant change is that there is now a much higher drop rate for Treasure Keys, you’re now guaranteed one if you turn in a wanted bounty to Petra each week.

Ether chests no longer give ammo synths, but instead have a chance to drop Tokens of Flight, Identity and Judgement (which can now be broken down for PoE reputation points).

The final change was to the Vex boss in the Prison of Elders, who’s now been made easier to fight. Bubbles that spawn around the player have had their damage reduced by 25 per cent, and the Jailbreaker buff  has been increased by 100 per cent.

Kyle Barrows reviewed Destiny for Continue Play, awarding Bungie’s latest offering 6/10. Whilst praising the games visuals, Kyle was not impressed by the lack of content and storytelling.

“If Bungie could have delivered on even half the promises it made, Destiny could have been something great,” Kyle wrote in his Destiny review. “Will DLC save Destiny in the end? Perhaps. But … take all promises with a grain of salt.”


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