Destiny’s House Of Wolves Expansion Dated

Destiny's House of Wolves Expansion Dated

UPDATE: The trailer is now live. You can watch it below.

House of Wolves, the next expansion for the ever-popular Destiny, will launch on May 19th for all platforms, Activision has announced.

The second expansion for Bungie’s multiplayer-focused sci-fi shooter will add a new batch of story missions and a new raid, along with a new strike and 3 new multiplayer maps, meaning it’s of similar size to The Dark Below. Bungie says that House of Wolves will feature “hundreds” of new weapons, armor and gear to loot from fallen enemies. The level cap for the Weekly Nightfall will be raised to level 32, and a new strike playlist called Vanguard Dragoon will also feature, with a higher recommended level of 28.

While House of Wolves and The Dark Below make up the only content covered by the game’s Season pass, more content will follow later in the year. In September, Bungie will launch the Comet: Plague of Darkness expansion, which the developer says will be substantially larger in size than  what’s been released so far. Comet: Plague of Darkness will then be followed with two smaller slices of DLC, though just how small remains a mystery. They’re likely to be about the same size as The Dark Below and House of Wolves, if Comet: Plague of Darkness ends up becoming the game’s second season of content.

A new trailer for House of Wolves will be revealed within the hour. As soon as it’s live, we’ll update this article with a link to the video.

Kyle Barrows reviewed Destiny for Continue Play, but he wasn’t overly impressed with Bungie’s first post-Halo game, rating it as good, but not worthy of more than 7/10 on our rating scale. Kyle bemoaned the poor storytelling and lack of variety in the game, saying that “Bungie built an amazing and unique universe for us to explore, but filled it with the most uninspired and standard content possible. Everything beyond the aesthetics and mechanics is boring. Nothing is new. It doesn’t even separate itself from Halo.”

Kyle ended his Destiny Review by saying: “If Bungie could have delivered on even half the promises it made, Destiny could have been something great. Instead, we are left with the skeleton of good game – and not much more.”

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