Bungie To Livestream House Of Wolves Gameplay Today

Destiny: House of Wolves livestream later today

Bungie will be livestreaming gameplay of House of Wolves from 1pm EST/ 7pm BST today via the official Twitch channel, the developer has announced.

House of Wolves is the second expansion to the unrelentingly popular Destiny. It adds a handful of new missions, a revised upgrade path and plenty of near gear to the game, as well as a new social space – The Reef. There will also be a new Strike and 3 new multiplayer maps, but not a new Raid – despite pre-announcement rumors and the previous expansion The Dark Below adding a second raid to the game.

House of Wolves will be available from May 19th.

Kyle Barrows reviewed Destiny for Continue Play, and while he praised the visuals and world-building, he was less enamored by the writing and repetitive loot-grind cycle of its gameplay, as well as the lack of content. Kyle awarded Bungie’s latest 6/10. “If Bungie could have delivered on even half the promises it made, Destiny could have been something great,” Kyle wrote in his Destiny review. “Instead, we are left with the skeleton of good game – and not much more.”

Here’s a couple of new screenshots and a new trailer about the livestream event.

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