Need For Speed Reboot Requires Permanent Online Connection

Need For Speed Reboot Requires Permanent Online Connection

EA’s reboot of its Need for Speed series of racing games will require players be permanently connected to the internet, the publisher has confirmed.

The confirmation came via Twitter after a fan of the series pleaded with EA not to “make the same mistake” as Microsoft, when it announced that the Xbox One would require users to be permanently online.

Unfortunately, his pleas went unheeded:


According to the publisher, the latest game in the series  – which is titled simply Need for Speed and is in development at EA’s Ghost Games studio – is an attempt to take the long-running series back to basics, focusing on an overlapping story structure and set in a large open world at night time.

Yesterday, a leak on the Xbox Games Store accidentally let slip that the game is currently pegged for a November 3rd release. The description accompanying the leak also revealed a few new bits of information about the game. Supposedly there will be five “ways to play” – presumably career modes – named Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw.

Previous games in the series, such as the most recent Need for Speed Rivals and 2012’s Most Wanted, featured online connectivity and open worlds, but stopped short of making it a requirement. Previous EA games that have required a permanent connection include SimCity, which didn’t exactly go down well with fans thanks to the publisher’s reputation for closing servers within just two or three years of the game’s release, so many will wonder why EA continues to insist on pushing the requirement in the face of so much opposition.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Need for Speed below, and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments beneath the article.

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