Beefjack Launches Two New Divisions

Beefjack Launch Two New Divisions

London-based games company, Beefjack, announced today its plans to launch two new divisions – Beefjack Create and Beefjack: The Game Agency.

Beefjack Create will aim to support aspiring games industry professionals, who aren’t looking to found and run their own games studios yet. It will specialize in the development of the talents of gifted designers , and their most interesting game ideas will potentially be offered full development and distribution across web, mobile, PC and console.

On the other hand, Beefjack: The Game Agency will be a unique take on the creative agency format, making interactive content the focus of its campaigns. It will work with corporate entities and other agencies, building intricate game-focused campaigns aimed at promoting engagement between brands and their audiences.

Lewis Denby, BeefJack’s head of marketing, said: “Over the past several years, we have worked with a variety of fantastic companies and individuals to build impactful games, from dazzling 3D racers to award-nominated mobile adventures. We have always placed collaboration at the forefront of our service offering, but it has become increasingly apparent that our different clients deserve a tailored, bespoke service that suits their reasons for working with us.”

He added: “Over the years, we’ve built games and campaigns for the National Lottery, LV, Cadbury and The X-Factor. We’ve also made a range of genuinely interesting indie games for individuals looking to make their break in the industry. For example, today we announced Iron Fish, an Unreal 4-powered horror game in partnership with game designer Dean Edwards, which is a perfect illustration of what Create in particular is all about. I’m confident that the launch of Create and The Game Agency will help us refine our service offerings and go on to make ever more interesting, creative titles for our clients and partners.”

Check out our recent interview with Dean Edwards and Lottie Bevan, about their upcoming game Ironfish. (It’s still waiting for your vote on Greenlight)

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