Epic Announces New Free Unreal Tournament


Today Epic Games announced via Twitch livestream that they have started development on a new Unreal Tournament in the long running franchise. They also mentioned that the yet to be named Unreal Tournament will be completely free – not free to play, no micro transactions, but completely free.

Epic stated that any money they make will come from a community marketplace where fans can design and sell what they make, with Epic taking a percentage of the sales. The plan is to have the entire game be designed in collaboration with the community to be launched on Linux, PC, and Mac.

Development started earlier today, and anyone interested in helping design the future of Unreal Tournament can sign up at the Unreal Website. Epic is encouraging open participation and will host regular forum discussions as well as Twitch streams to bring progress updates.

Epic plans to have all code and content available live for Unreal Engine 4 developers on GitHub, the web-based hosting service for software development. Epic also hopes to support the modding community through the Unreal Marketplace where artist, developers, and modders can buy and sell content – with shares of the profit divided between the seller and Epic.

This is a new and interesting concept as more and more games are going to the community for content, and open sourcing has taken on a life of its own with the moddings of popular games. Epic is hailing this as the future of video game design, and a way to bring fans what they want. Perhaps more developers should take to crowd development to see what their fans want to provide a better gaming experience for all.

You can sign up directly from the Unreal site, and directly start contributing today.


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