New Evoland 2 Trailer Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

Evoland Graphical Difference

For fans in the right age group, Evoland was a nostalgia trip for several childhood games. It evoked countless RPG tropes along its journey, and played with various RPG mechanics along the way. The new Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder trailer from French developer Shiro Games promises that the sequel will cast an even wider net through gameplay history.

The first Evoland, despite being a fascinating concept and selling reasonably well, was more of an exploration of gaming tropes than it really was much of a game itself. It had a few memorable moments, but was fairly bland as an actual game experience, despite the RPG and evolutionary-mechanical trappings.

At first glance, Evoland 2 looks like it plays more with genres and tropes, which the first did reasonably well. Hopefully Shiro Games manages to make the transitions just as engaging and enjoyable as the games it’s referencing. In the trailer several genres are shown, including fighting games, 3D action-adventure, 2D platforming, and some sections appear to be an homage to fan-favorite games.

You can check out the trailer below. Evoland 2 is available for preorder from the official website for $17.99, 10% off during the preorder period, set to release on PC sometime in Summer 2015.

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