New Xbox 360 System Update Adds 2 TB Hard Drive Support

Strangely, Microsoft has released a  new update for its last-gen console, the Xbox 360.

The latest system update has delivered a number of different features which were previously only available to Preview program members, according to Microsoft.

Perhaps the most important feature that comes with the new update is the support for larger external hard drives. Previously, the Xbox 360 had a limit of 32 GB of external storage; this has been increased by over 62 times and can now support hard drives with capactities as high as 2 TB. This increased external storage size coupled with the systems internal storage means that storage space should no longer be an issue for owners of the console.

Other features that come with the new update include added sections that allow users to view recent purchases, download/upload speed, signal strength and other network statistics. Another feature is an added list on the dashboard that shows how much money you have in your account as well as a way to reset your password on the system.

If you’re interested in the update you just need to spark up your system again, it should download and install automatically if you’re connected to the internet.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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