Voice messaging coming to Xbox One users in April

Voice messasging coming to Xbox One users in April

Xbox 360 gamers have enjoyed being able to send voice messages to people on their friends lists for many years. From next month, Xbox One users will be able to do the same.

Microsoft’s latest update for the console bring voice messaging – which was strangely absent at launch – to Xbox One, satisfying the demands of a gamers who have long-since requested the feature to be added. The update is already live for members of the Xbox One preview program, but it will be rolled out to all owners of the console in a system update next month.

The feature will also work cross-platform across Xbox 360 and Xbox One – meaning that you can send mocking voicemails to people on your friends list who have yet to pick up Microsoft’s latest console. Or, more likely, to taunt the player you just managed to headshot from the other side of the map in Halo.

Aside from voice messaging, a couple of other new features have been detailed. A new What’s On section on the Xbox One dashboard will be further tailored to your playing habits, meaning that you’re more likely to see adverts for content similar to what you already own; and dedicated server support is due to be added, in order to help those who have problems connecting to party chat.

Already mentioned by the platform holder as being in the update is improved troubleshooting support, and more detailed Achievement notifications – now, instead of just seeing the name of the achievement you’ve just unlocked, you’ll also see a short description – similar to how it works on Xbox 360.

Microsoft demonstrated the new features in a short video, which you can watch below.

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