CCP Launch PLEX For GOOD In EVE To Aid Nepal

PLEX for GOOD: Nepal Earthquake Relief

CCP games launched a PLEX for GOOD initiative on May 1st in an attempt to aid those who were devastated by the earthquake in Nepal. PLEX stands for Pilot License Extension and essentially adds 30 days of game time to your EVE account. Check out the full definition here.

On Saturday 25th of April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and the surrounding region. This was followed by two aftershocks measuring in at 6.6 and 6.7 respectively. These earthquakes caused unprecidented destruction, levelling homes, businesses and heritage that had stood for thousands of years. With the United Nations confirming the death toll at over 6000, aid has been pouring in from all over the globe. 14000 are also reported as being injured with a total of around 8 million people in 39 districts being affected, 3 million of which are estimated to be in urgent need.

In the wake of this, the EVE community began flooding forums and social media to request that CCP launch a PLEX for GOOD initiative. In response, CCP launched one that started on May 1st and will run through to May 15th. For each PLEX donated during this period, CCP will contribute $15 USD to the Icelandic Red Cross to fund their aid efforts in Nepal. Instructions on how to take part in PLEX for GOOD are below.

“To make your PLEX for GOOD donation:

  • Contract one or more PLEX to the “CCP PLEX for GOOD” character on a 14-day item exchange contract.
  • Contracts will be accepted within 24 hours of submission, though usually sooner than that.

Please ensure the receiving character is the one named above, and double check the character is in the C C P Corporation to avoid contracting PLEX to the incorrect character. CCP cannot guarantee the return of PLEX contracted to the wrong character.”

As a gesture of thanks, CCP will also be giving those who donate 2 exclusive in-game t-shirts, these will be usable in EVE so you can show your support for Nepal and its people. The t-shirts are currently being designed and will be released once they’re finalized.

Previous PLEX for GOOD campaigns have resulted in donations totaling over $340,000 to those in need during natural disasters in Japan, Haiti, Pakistan, and the United States. To learn more about how this program works, check out this FAQ.

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