Wildstar Online now officially launched


Wildstar Online, Carbine Studio’s ambitious sci-fi mmo with plenty of ambition and its fair share of new ideas, has finally launched on Windows.

Since the weekend it’s only been available to people who pre-ordered, but now anyone can pick up a copy and dive into the world of Nexus.

To play, first you’ll need to pick up a copy of the game. There are two editions – the standard edition will set you back $59.99/ £34.99, while a digital deluxe edition retails for $74.99/ £49.99.

Both editions come with 30 days of free game time, 3 7-day guest passes to give to your friends, and a special Housing decor item for when you obtain your character’s home. The digital edition comes with that, plus a few in-game extras – such as a hoverboard to help you get around the world, an exclusive player title, and a couple of cosmetic items such as a clothing dye and exclusive costume.

Once your first month is up, there are two options for purchasing additional time. You can either pay by a subscription, or use the in-game currency to buy and sell CREDD, which acts similarly to the PLEX system in Eve Online. CREDD can be sold to other players, and Carbine is hoping the game’s economy will dictate prices. It’s going to be a while before we see whether they’re successful, but it’s at least a noble goal to have.

For more on Wildstar Online, you can check out our Early Impressions article, which was published this morning. In the meantime, check out the launch trailer below.

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